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OCEAN Premium Luxe Candle

OCEAN Premium Luxe Candle

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My love of the ocean inspired the creation of this exquisite candle. Ocean radiates lightness and brightness in a bold, modern reinterpretation of traditional holiday fragrances.

The exhilarating notes of crisp rosemary capture the spirit of the season, while hints of clean, fresh lavender evoke the coastal gardens of Provence, reminding us to live in the moment.  This soy-based prestige candle features a cotton wick and is hand-poured in the United States. We display the Ocean in a sublime luxury cobalt jar adorned with our signature golden crest, recalling the elegance of a by-gone European spa. Elegantly presented in a custom white and gold box, Ocean is perfect for gifting. While I wish we could keep Ocean in stock all year round, it is seasonal. However, the unique aroma profile will linger long after this long-burning candle has come to an end.

All my love,

Lisa Duncan


** This Candle is 16oz and comes with a premium gift box and a matchbox.

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